Violet Days Made in My Head and we feel it all over. Album review.

Patrick O’Heffernan

Violet Days’ music  has always been addictive.  This Swedish collaborative project made up of singer-songwriter/artist Lina Hansson and renowned producer Kris Eriksson knows exactly how to create earworms that stay with you.  Happily, Violet Days just released their debut EP, Made in My Head, produced by Eriksson. It may have been made their heads, but it joyfully inhabits my dance muscles and eardrums as well.

The five tracks on the EP – seven with the addition of two earlier tracks “Leave But Go” and  “Just A Little Remixes” —  range from the high energy pop storytelling “I Think…” to the dreamy “Two Years” which launches with full orchestration and then goes into out-there dream pop mode, followed by the jerky even dreamier pop “Cocaine Lover” with its complex beats, swooping background melodies and  Lina’s pure, sensually-textured female vocals.

The EP gives you an interesting break with  a 33-second  mono-tonal instrumental  that sets you up for the final song,  “Leave But Don’t Go”, a very satisfying mélange of complex drum machine rhythms, vocal overdubs , and synth instrumentation. Written by Lina, Erickson and their friend Cassandra, the song is an easy to listen to and hard to forget celebration of friendships and relationships.  Without a doubt this is one you put on your playlist with “Repeat” checked.

When you check out Violet Days, listen to everything, especially “Somber”, a single not listed with the EP but which is a good portal into the heads that created the EP. At its heart a let-it-all-hang-out ballad stream out with synths, electronic beats and Lina’s very strong but very feminine voice, with wxnderlost records singer MORGXN joining in.

Whether you are singing along in the car or on your scooter, working with your earphones on, or dancing out at home with friends, Violet Days  makes a great musical companion, especially Made in My head.  I hope they make a lot music in their heads.

Patrick O’Heffernan.  Host, Music FridayLive!,


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