SPOTLIGHT BAND: VON GREY are a bright beam of hope and inspiration with their new EP, In Bloom: Acoustic


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In today’s music world, it can sometimes be harder and harder to find songs that bring hope and comfort. You only have to know, that they are out there. We  can’t wait to share with you the music of VON GREY which delivers a bright beam of hope, comfort and inspiration. Today they are releasing their compelling new EP  In Bloom: Acoustic.

VON GREY is three classically trained sisters, Kathryn 23, Annika 22, and Fiona 20.  Off the new EP is a very special song, Dawn which ‘signifies the resilient and imperious musicians (and women) VON GREY have become, despite their young age’.  This EP has been quite an accomplishment. They put so much into their EP and the full process, working  for the first time ever completely solo, without a creative team. ‘The EP is their first self-produced, self-engineered recording effort. All of the visuals have been created in house. All of the messaging within and surrounding the EP has come directly from them, with no external filter.’  


What you are delivered, is a great work of art that will capture your heart and feed your soul. You can’t help but connect to the raw honesty and vulnerability that the sisters bring to life with their music. Through their music, they comfort, inspire and heal. Their track Dawn which will truly wrap around you and hug you with comfort and fill you with hope. ‘The song handles the vulnerability that is forced upon women. Society is deeply conditioned to victimize women, making it easy for abuse of any kind — be it emotional or physical — to become internalized. “Dawn”  is a song about community as a form of healing, and is meant as an outward and inward leaning embrace full of support, patience, and understanding.’  It is all that and more, truly a musical gem. 


Take a listen to the full EP below:

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