Get ready for your mood to be lifted as Maggie Rogers releases new song

However your day is going, it is bound to get better the second you listen to the  new song from Maggie Rogers. She is not only one of our favorite artists but her music is magical as it delivers pure bliss to its listeners. Maggie recently released her new song, Love You For A Long Time. Maggie says the song is a love song for her fans. She explains,

 “I actually wrote most of ‘Love You For A Long Time’ the day before I wrote ‘Light On.’” Those last days of finishing Heard It In A Past Life were such vivid and vital creative moments for me. I was dreaming up a future – for my music, for my life – and the possibilities felt endless. For various reasons, but mostly scheduling, the song was left unfinished and unrecorded, but it always stuck with me and I’ve found its melody weaving in and out of my brain for the last year and a half. Since then, a lot has changed in my life, but one of the biggest changes has been my relationship with my band. I’ve been playing with most of my band for about three years now and over the course of touring this record we’ve become real adopted family. As we set out on our biggest tour yet this fall, I wanted to bring new work to our stage and give this song I love so much an arrangement that showcased the deep personal and creative bonds I’ve formed with these special people in my life. So I wrote a bridge, finished the song, and recorded it in LA in August. I produced it with my trusted friend and collaborator Ricky Reed, with some arrangement help from the brilliant Nate Mercereau on bass and guitar. It’s a song about love in all its forms — romantic love, the love I feel for my friends, the love I feel for my band, and the love I’ve shared with all of you. I wanted it to sound like the last days of summer. I wanted it to sound as wild and alive as new love feels.” 


Check it out here:

You can also listen to it on other streaming sites by heading here: In addition to her new song, we want to congratulate Maggie Rogers on receiving her first Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. We will be rooting for her!

Maggie captivated us with her spectacular performance back in September at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. You can check out our full review here and below are some of favorite shots from that night:


If Maggie will be coming to a venue near you, get yourself to a show! Be prepared to come with an open heart and you will surely leave full and content, with all  your troubles left behind. Until then, make sure you have your copy of her latest album, Heard It in a Past Life.

Make sure to visit her social media sites and stay up to date on her latest news.

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