Gloo share new single “Swimming In Your Sea”

UK three-piece Gloo shared another new single “Swimming In Your Sea”, taken from their upcoming second record “How Not To Be Happy”, out August 27th via Hassle Records.

Listen to the new song here.

Speaking on the new song the band said

“Gloo’s aim has always been to help people escape, whilst at the same time evolving with each release we put out. This song for us does exactly that, but this time proudly showcasing our other inspirations with a slightly more laid-back cocktail whilst still giving you enough distortion to smash your glass when the chorus comes.

“The writing of ‘Swimming In Your Sea’ was one of them rare and insane times where the song was written from start to finish in about half an hour! I (Tom) was actually kind of drifting in and out of a film and fucking around on the guitar playing the main riff from ‘Serve the Servants’ by Nirvana when I changed it out of boredom and suddenly my ear perked up with this new modified version I had subconsciously been playing. As soon as I heard my new riff I was like I’ve gotta finish this and did!”

“The scene in the film I was half watching was a clear blue swimming pool somewhere hot and just looked so inviting that I wanted to jump right into the TV and start swimming in it and that’s where the song name and lyric came from. I was also going through a bit of turmoil at the time with a shit relationship and I really liked the idea that the song had a hidden dark theme where in a bitter sweet way, she (my-ex) was this perfectly blue crustal ocean you couldn’t resist, but deep down you know you’re so completely and utterly engulfed in it that you’re too deep to get out and could drown. In terms of live, Swimming in Your Sea has to be one of our most powerful and transformative songs aesthetically that we’ve ever made, especially in an uplifting way. When we first played this in the room together, it almost made the room turn blue and start dripping water. With a little help from my secret aquatic guitar pedal effect for good measure.”

Gloo will be out on tour through the UK in 2021. Make sure to catch them live! Also mark your calenders for the release show on August 27th in Littlehampton.


Track listing

1.I Can’t Hear Myself Think
3.Work So Hard 
4.No One Gives A Fuck
5.Swimming In Your Sea
6.Takes The Piss
9.Big Smoke


Pre-order/pre-save “How Not To Be Happy” here.

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