Kelsy Karter is definitely a sure bet of straight up Rock n Roll!



One thing is certain, Kelsy Karter is a sure bet of delivering straight up Rock n Roll. We never doubted it for one second. From the first time we heard it her music last year, it was like a breath of fresh rock n roll air coming through loud and clear and we wanted more! Kelsy recently released a song/video for Blast Off. Check out below more about the song which Kelsy posted on her social media pages:

The Harry stunt attracted a lot of interest from labels, and the label that I personally loved the most offered me a deal. I was on a flight to England for tour when my lawyer sent me the contract from the label. There it was, all my dreams right there on that piece of paper..I was flying, literally and figuratively.

But then, mid-tour, with no explanation, the deal got pulled. It messed me up pretty bad mentally and emotionally. Felt like I did something wrong, felt like I wasn’t good enough and felt like I was letting everyone I knew down – my family, my friends, my team and my fans.

That sent me into a spiral – emotionally, creatively and mentally. Apparently it was something about “rock&roll not being a sure bet” and my music just wasn’t “urban enough”. Most likely bullshit, but who knows.

Anyway, I decided that from that day forward I wasn’t gonna make music for any suit behind a desk anymore. And no suit was gonna dictate my success, happiness or mental health. I let myself sob for a month or so and then I got back to work.

For this music video I wanted to do something that represented me in a grittier, more obscure way, describing what it felt like to go through that experience. I flew to NYC, had an amazing crew of 3, rented a “by the hour” murderous motel in Jersey and filmed all through the night.

When I officially signed my new deal with BMG last week, I told my team I wanted to release one more song as an independent artist. “Blast Off” is about going through shit and not letting anyone, anything dictate your life. And the truth is, I wouldn’t be where I am and I wouldn’t have gotten through it all without YOU, my fans. When I was hating myself, questioning my abilities, hiding from the outside world and letting every dark thought take over me, YOU guys were there for me. YOU guys were supporting me no matter what. YOU guys believed in me from day one. YOU guys lifted me back up and you have been and always will be such an important part of my journey. My success is OUR success and I believe in you just as much as you believe in me. Always remember that no matter what you’re going through, you are a badass that can get through absolutely anything. I make music for my rocketeers. And this song is for you. x

Now crank up the sound and check out the video:




We can’t wait for what is next for Kelsy and we hope it is lots of new shows! Make sure to visit her social media sites and stay up to date on her latest news.

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