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During these difficult Covid and lockdown times, music has been the one thing to keep us going and moving forward. So many artists and musicians kept us sane with their music through all the insanity. One of those bands is Star Crystal Band, a rock band from the Ukraine. We will be bringing you an interview soon with the band but first we want you to Fall in Love with them and check out their video for their track Fall in Love.

Sussana Radimovskaya explains to us more about the song and video,

Putting a lot of feeling into the lyrics and the music “Fall in Love” was born. It’s a song for Star Crystal, in some ways it’s more romantic than usual.
When you listen to it you feel like you’re dancing and in the middle there’s a bridge, which goes straight to your heart and makes you think about yours feelings, which is what we wanted to express.
During the total lockdown of the Covid situation we didn’t want to lose the attention of our fans and we worked all the time for them and the idea to record a video for the song Fall in Love came to us. Since everything was closed and mass meetings were impossible, we got together in the studio. It was just me (Susanna) and the videographers.
It took us two hours to shoot. We were thinking only about you, our listeners. With this work we want to say once again that we appreciate you, everyone. And we will never leave you without attention. Your Star Crystal

Check out the video here:

We look forward to more new music from Star Crystal. For now, make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

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