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Non-stop rockers Modern Kicks release new video for Guitars and Girls

June 21, 2017

Our Spotlight is shining bright on one of our favorite bands; Modern Kicks.  These Bay Area rockers continue to garner high praise for delivering nonstop rock n roll, reminiscent of  70’s punk/rock era.  They are exactly what we have all been missing from the music scene. Straight up rock with punk rock edge and an attitude that doesn’t quit. They are in no way imitating an old sound, they have worked to create their own signature sound and we are hooked! They are gearing up for an album release and to get you revved up, they have released a music video for their kick ass track, Guitars and Girls. The song just screams Rock and you can’t help but crank it up loud! Sweet guitar riffs, addictive vocals and infectious melodies capture your attention from start to finish. Check out the video here: Did you catch our Rockin Ryan in the video? Hell yeah! You can check out a couple shots from Rockin Ryan’s photo shoot: Band Members: Ant Boyd – Vocals/Guitar Alex Stiletto – [Read More]

BottleRock Napa

Photo Gallery of SWMRS at BottleRock Napa and catch them at LIVE105 BFD this Saturday

June 5, 2017

  At BottleRock Napa we were excited to catch the SWMRS set. We have seen them a couple times before and they always give such an incredible high energy punk rock set. They got the crowd riled up with their angsty punk rock that captivated the crowd. The adrenaline was endless and they definitely gained thousands of more new fans that day. Their die hard fans were up front and center singing along with their fists in the air. It was spectacular to witness how this band has grown so much in the past couple years and they will continue to make huge strides in the music scene. Check out photos from their set by our Rockin Ryan: You can catch SWMRS this Saturday at LIVE105 BFD at Shoreline Amphitheatre. They will be playing on the Bud Light Festival Stage. Check out their video for Figuring it Out: Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. Information & Links: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Site:

Band of the Day

Our Spotlight Band is set on punk rockers Miss Vincent from Southampton, England

June 2, 2017

  For our next Spotlight Band, we are going to give you a punch of punk rock with Miss Vincent. These punk rockers are from Southampton, England and have just released their new EP Somewhere Else. Vocalist Alex Marshall comments, “It feels so great to finally have this record out in the open. ​It’s been finished for a while so to finally be at the stage that we can share it is amazing. Every band is always saying their latest release is their best and of course that’s only natural, but with this EP we really feel like we’ve found what we’ve always wanted Miss Vincent to be – it’s a step up in every sense and we’re so proud of this collection of songs. This is the beginning of a new chapter for us, so turn it on, turn it up and dive in” These guys will have you hooked after the first listen. They bring out the raw nostalgic vibe of the early punk rock era. I love them and hope they make [Read More]

New Music

Sunset Radio release new album “Vices”. Contributed by Alex Bock

May 4, 2017

Ready for some fun time punk music? Here you go. Italian based punk rock band Sunset Radio just released their first full-length record ‘Vices’. The band started out in 2016 and released their first EP that same year. Think about California punk rock from the 90’s with influences ranging from hardcore to modern melodic punk-rock. This sums up the bands’ sound. Check out their latest song/video release for the song ‘Surrounded’ Track list: 01 Home 02 Surrounded 03 Heart and Sand 04 Upside Down 05 My Summer 06 Bed of Roses 07 Nothing To Lose 08 Stoned And Confused 09 Older 10 Bed Of Roses (Acoustic) Here’s how the band describes the sound of ‘Vices’ From 20 to 30 years, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, NoFx, Blink182, Bad Religion, Beach, California, girls, parties, each of these things can be summarized with one word for us: ‘Vices’. The album contains each of the above mentioned words, which accompany us every day. Ten power tracks, which can sum up the californian punk-rock, without pauses, without moments of tranquility, [Read More]


Check out Bret Von Dehl’s new project Heathens and get your fix of punk n roll!

February 6, 2017

We are excited to share with you the new music from Bret Von Dehl. You may  know him from The Relapse Symphony but it is now time to get acquainted with his new project, Heathens. Heathens delivers a hefty punch of old school punk rock and a heaping dose of rock n roll, described as “Punk n Roll”. In a time when music has become a petri dish of genre blends, Heathens are here to satisfy our need for rock with a punk attitude and no apologies! Today they posted on their Facebook Page the following: Welcome, Ladies and Germs. We are HEATHENS. Punk N’ Roll from Philadelphia. For fans of Dead Boys, Morris-era Black Flag and Ramones. Check out our debut, independent single, “POP SCARS/DON’T TALK TO ME” at our bandcamp page! If you buy the full single on bandcamp, you get the lyric sheet and we’ll send you a BONUS TRACK for FREE! Love, peace and hairgrease, HEATHENS So now head over to their Bandcamp page and pick up their new release! You [Read More]

Band of the Day

Check out your new favorite band: Frankie + The Studs as they release new video for “She’s Insane”

February 5, 2017

  Our new Spotlight Band is soon to be your new favorite band! Check out Frankie + The Studs as they bring to life your love of old school punk rock and Rock n Roll at 100%. They recently released a new video for their song, She’s Insane and it truly captures their fun rock n roll spirit. The video was directed by Christopher Pearson. Check out the video here: Frankie + The Studs features: Frankie Clarke Ronnie Simmons Johnny Martin Matt Lucich From the first listen, I was captivated by their sound, then once you see them perform live, you are overtaken by their rock glam style and vibrant energy on stage. They are a fusion of punk, glam, rock, 70’s pop that are set on reviving the rock generation. We will see if we can bring you an interview with them soon.   Meanwhile, head over to iTunes and pick up their music, share the video with your friends and get them hooked on Frankie + The Studs. Information & Links: Website: Facebook: [Read More]


Our Spotlight Band The Wild Things will grab your attention with their new video

December 14, 2016

  Today our Spotlight Band is the alternative rock band The Wild Things. They hail from West London and features of sister-brother team Sydney and Cameron White, Rob Kendrick and Pete Wheeler. While they bring out the nostalgic vibe of 90-esque alternative rock, they have a style that is all their own. You can’t help but feel drawn into their colorful music that invites you to feel the music. Genre:  Alternative Rock/Punk Rock/Modern Rock Location: West London Feature: Infectious addictive sound that grabs your attention, hints of nostalgia yet with modern execution Interesting Fact: Outside of the band, Rob and Sydney are also accomplished actors. Sydney is best known for her acting work in BBC 4’s ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ BBC’s Uncle & Young Dracula, whereas Rob is known for Sky 1’s After Hours and BBC’s The Syndicate. Video to check out: new single, I Think You Can Do Better  Make sure to visit their social media sites and we will work on bringing you an interview with this fun fast rising band. Information & Links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: