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SPOTLIGHT BAND: Bishop Gunn are set to “Shine” with their new video/song off upcoming album

April 6, 2018

  We are excited to share our new Spotlight Band Bishop Gunn with you.  They are a rock n roll band out of Natchez, MS and they have completely caught our attention. They have an infectious style of music that is inviting and invigorating, soulful blues mixed with straight up rock n roll. The perfect combination for your playlist. They have just released a new video for their song Shine which is off their upcoming album. Check out the video here:     Bishop Gunn is: Travis McCready Drew Smithers Burne Sharp Ben Lewis   You can pick up the new song by heading over to: From the first time we heard them, we were hooked and couldn’t wait for more music. You should definitely have Bishop Gunn on your radar and keep up to date with their latest news and upcoming shows. We will see if we can bring you an interview with this hot rising rock band so you can get to know them better! Make sure to visit their social media sites. [Read More]

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Get your fix of rock with The Mylars and check out their new video

August 29, 2017

We are bringing the spotlight on a great New Jersey rock band, The Mylars. They are ready to get you hooked on their blend of late seventies power pop rock infused with their own modern twist. They have just released a new music video for their track Forever Done. The song is the first single off of their September 15th scheduled, debut album, Melody Records, “Forever Done” was directed by Steven Nathan. Check out the video here:   More about The Mylars: The Mylars are a super charged rock and roll outfit founded by vocalist/guitarist Danny Roselle (ex Crash Moderns) and long time collaborator, vocalist/bassist Quig. With a band mission of “It is what it used to be”, The Mylars are a combination punch of late seventies power pop rock infused with their own modern twist. As the lead singer/songwriter for The Crash Moderns, Danny toured the US and Canada for several years, sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in rock music, including The Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, Bowling For Soup, and Bon Jovi and is currently one of the main songwriters [Read More]

The Grape and the Grain
Band of the Day

Spotlight Band The Grape and The Grain release new video

July 19, 2017

Hold on tight, The Grape and The Grain are taking you on a wild ride! Our new Spotlight Band The Grape and The Grain are here to take you on a rockin wild ride. They have just released their new music video for “Holy Rollin’”. The video captures straight up rock n roll with a side of swampy blues. As soon as you take a listen, you will be instantly hooked on their signature style of rock n roll. We need more of this!!! The track brings a nostalgic vibe of our love for 70’s era classic rock. Bassist Mo Kelly comments, “If you ever fall from grace, just look inside and change”. ‘Holy Rollin’ is a song for anyone in the world finding themselves in strange times. Sometimes the best thing to do is to look inside to make a change. “Thick and thin, lose or win, I got your back like a brother”. Check out the new The Grape and The Grain music video here:   The music video was directed and edited [Read More]

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Non-stop rockers Modern Kicks release new video for Guitars and Girls

June 21, 2017

Our Spotlight is shining bright on one of our favorite bands; Modern Kicks.  These Bay Area rockers continue to garner high praise for delivering nonstop rock n roll, reminiscent of  70’s punk/rock era.  They are exactly what we have all been missing from the music scene. Straight up rock with punk rock edge and an attitude that doesn’t quit. They are in no way imitating an old sound, they have worked to create their own signature sound and we are hooked! They are gearing up for an album release and to get you revved up, they have released a music video for their kick ass track, Guitars and Girls. The song just screams Rock and you can’t help but crank it up loud! Sweet guitar riffs, addictive vocals and infectious melodies capture your attention from start to finish. Check out the video here: Did you catch our Rockin Ryan in the video? Hell yeah! You can check out a couple shots from Rockin Ryan’s photo shoot: Band Members: Ant Boyd – Vocals/Guitar Alex Stiletto – [Read More]

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Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights new EP “Give Up The Ghost” is a must have!

June 12, 2017

  Our latest Spotlight Band is none other than Paul Johnson and the About Last Nights. These  Hattiesburg, Mississippi-based Power Pop / Alternative Rockers have released their new EP, Give Up The Ghost in May and it is a must have! Their music brings to life the “power” of power pop in a big way, reeling with infectious riffs, high energy rock, emotionally driven lyrics and addictive melodies. Their EP kicks off with Underachiever and is surely a misnomer for their musical skills! It has you singing along in no time and enjoying the straight up feel good rock music. Burn It Down is the first single of the album and is the perfect introduction for new fans to get hooked on their music. Paul Johnson comments about the track,  “Really, it’s adolescence. Being young, bored and hopeful that one day things will be whatever we make it, but right now is all that matters. Looking back as adults, we sometimes see that maybe those were the best times of our lives. Getting through those years [Read More]

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Our Spotlight Band is set on punk rockers Miss Vincent from Southampton, England

June 2, 2017

  For our next Spotlight Band, we are going to give you a punch of punk rock with Miss Vincent. These punk rockers are from Southampton, England and have just released their new EP Somewhere Else. Vocalist Alex Marshall comments, “It feels so great to finally have this record out in the open. ​It’s been finished for a while so to finally be at the stage that we can share it is amazing. Every band is always saying their latest release is their best and of course that’s only natural, but with this EP we really feel like we’ve found what we’ve always wanted Miss Vincent to be – it’s a step up in every sense and we’re so proud of this collection of songs. This is the beginning of a new chapter for us, so turn it on, turn it up and dive in” These guys will have you hooked after the first listen. They bring out the raw nostalgic vibe of the early punk rock era. I love them and hope they make [Read More]

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Check out The Nearly Deads for some grunge inspired high-energy rock

June 1, 2017

  For our next Spotlight Band, we would like to feature a band that brings out their unique style of grunge inspired rock. They are The Nearly Deads from Nashville. The band is self-described as sounding like “Halestorm meets the Foo Fighters, with Courtney Love at the helm, if she could wail like Kelly Clarkson.” They are definitely a band that will grab your attention and have you hooked from the first listen with their infectious charisma and high energy.  They have just released their EP Revenge of the Nearly Deads last month and you can check out a video for their track Diamond in the Rough:   Band Members: Theresa Jeane – Vocals and Keys Steven Tobi – Lead Guitar Kevin Koelsch – Bass Javier Garza Jr. – Rhythm Guitar Josh Perrone – Drums You can pick up the new album, Revenge of the Nearly Deads by heading over to: We will see if we can bring you an interview with them soon. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on [Read More]