John Mayer captures pure honesty with new song, “I Guess I Just Feel Like”

We have the perfect way to kick off your weekend! How about a spectacular new song from John Mayer?  He has just released the infectious new track, I Guess I Just Feel Like and we are absolutely hooked. The emotionally driven song captures a pure raw vulnerability that will hit home for you, as it did for us.  There are so many artists that are trying to “create” the next big hit by using algorithms or the latest in technology.  With that being said, we applaud John for filling the void for real, honest music, in its natural form,  that evokes emotion and brings us a piece of hope.

Check out John’s instagram post which talks about the making of the new song,


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#tbt I spent August and September of last year looking for new songs and couldn’t find them. I was thinking with my ultra-aesthetic brain, trying to write the tune I thought would be cool to have via sequencers, plugins and effects. (That process has worked barely enough times to still make it justifiable.) Then one day in October I decided I’d had just about enough of myself, and that’s always when the good stuff starts. I got two inexpensive microphones, a 1” tape machine and took out my Martin D-45 guitar. “I’m just going to do what I do,” I remember thinking. And then it all clicked again. I wrote most of “I Guess I Just Feel Like” in an hour. It’s great luck that my friend @daniel happened to stop by to take some photos the day this song was written. The moral of the story? Honesty is the best technology. I can’t wait for you to hear it tonight.

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Take a listen and immerse yourself in the new track. Check out the new lyric video for the song,

Now that we have you hooked, head over and pick up the new song:

Need more John Mayer fix? Then Check out photos by Rockin Ryan. (click to enlarge photos)


You can catch John out on his summer tour. Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news and tour dates.

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  1. My Gosh, I couldn’t buy this song fast enough. What a great record which is what I’ve come to expect from John Mayer. How does he continue is to do it!

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