VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Metal band Oracle premiere new lyric video for Pandora’s Box


Metal band Oracle have released a new video!

In a world where metal has taken many avenues and alleys into sub genres, Oracle, formed in 2016 by Father and son duo Trey and Ray Ozinga of Baldwin County Alabama along with, Jason Long of Mobile county Alabama to create something truly unique that encapsulates many of these genres. The result is an extreme metal band with emphasis on musicality, grooves, and epic passages that sonically attack and satisfy all senses of metal enthusiast all around.


Since the bands first album Beyond Omega, released in the early summer of 2016, Oracle have played countless shows along the gulf coast. 2017’s release of Into The Unknown and 2018’s release of Seven Deadly Sins has seen the same support and the band have sold many albums world wide. 2020 will yield the next endeavor for Oracle with more shows and the release of Hindsight is 20/20 which will be the most matured and detail oriented album to date. The journey is long but from what the critics are saying, Oracle keep getting stronger!

Oracle are:
Jason Long – Vocals/guitar
Ray Ozinga – Bass
Trey Ozinga – Drums

The video is for Pandora’s Box and about the video:

Pandora’s box is about a battle in one’s mind. The constant torment and pressures of the outside world building and laying dormant inside. The torment and sadness has engulfed the victim enough that when he digs inside and opens up a rage and anger that should scare him but, it doesn’t. Instead, he embraces it and now it becomes his strength and power. The growth from this has freed him and his mind.

Watch the new video here:

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