Pick up Shiragirl’s new EP Andi Underground and check out photos from Warped Tour

Vans Warped Tour couldn’t conclude their final tour without one of the artists who forever changed the tour; Shiragirl. “Shiragirl is the “punk rock Madonna” who forever changed the Vans Warped Tour. As the story goes, a determined Shira Yevin showed up to the 2004 tour in her iconic pink RV, created her own stage and performed atop it with her band. After receiving a rousing crowd response, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman invited Shira to return the following summer to host an official Shiragirl Stage. The stage went on to host over 200 female-fronted bands, many making their Warped debuts, including Paramore on their first ever tour, and the legendary JoanJett.” 

Shiragirl performed a captivating energetic set that also paid homage to the wonderful female artists that have performed at Vans Warped Tour. She even brought out some special guests and everyone was singing along. Check out the photos from her set by our Rockin Ryan:


Last month Shiragirl released her new concept EP, Andi UndergroundStream here: https://spoti.fi/32VhRh5. Co-written with Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Transplants, Pink) and mixed by Cameron Webb (Motorhead, Sum 41, Kelly Clarkson), Andi Underground is a dystopian punk rock musical described as Black Mirror meets The Runaways.

The Andi Underground EP proves that Shiragirl is much more than just a Warped Tour icon. Drawing inspiration from the infamous story of Alice, the EP takes place in a dark future world, where no one can leave their house without putting on their mandatory, government-controlled “filter” glasses. “One night, Tim and I were brainstorming ideas for a concept record,” Shiragirl elaborates. “Together we organically built the storyline around a girl who wanted to run away from an apocalyptic digital dystopia to an underground world, and the narrative just slowly grew from there.”


Tour Dates:

8/06 – 710 Beach Club – San Diego CA
8/07 – Satellite – Los Angeles, CA

Pick up the new EP and make sure to visit her social media sites for the latest news.

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